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Hello World


Thank you for visiting my personal blog, In this Blog, I want to share what I've learned in my life. I want to limit the topics into mobile app development, game development, learning swedish, Dota and most of all my favourite team ALLIANCE. Apart from these topics you may find me talking about electronics, signal processing, stock market prices, several game reviews, song reviews, etc. My main motivation for this blog is that taking a blog may be helpful for my long run commits, since it records my process which can inspire me when I feel hopeless about my development in some of the topics mentioned here.

A brief note on break


A small note on what i have done this semester break: I ve started a new game project with my friends called "UpNDown". It is not something big, but these kind of small projexts are good to gather people together I am also still developing a little idea of mine called "BillPass" with a long term friend of mine, (btw he is a very cool guy). It is a demanding project for me because, I need to learn about a lot of stuff. I need to learn UI design and more important, I need to look at project from a bussiness person view. Also I really want to improve my little game called "Shuriken Toss". But unfortunately my project partner's(concerning Shuriken Toss) schedule is full and I have to wait for him.

Spring Cleaning


Well hello to all. My semester break is over as of this monday. I tried to get a light course work but after some add&drop I was not able to get the courses I want :(. In the end I was forced to get EMT course. It has complex vector math. Time to face it I guess. Other than that I finished my part on project UpNDown. For BilPass I finally forced myself to make page designs and a small roadmap. Now i need to talk with my partner also I don t know if i had free time for it. I am really bad at multitasking instead my motto is ONE TIME ONE JOB, but i also dont want to fail idea of BilPass, so I need to arrange my time really efficient. Also few notes on Shuriken Toss and my dream game dev studio; well my project partner at Shuriken Toss is again willing to help me. I am afraid that I may not sacrifice myself as he is.

Alliance is coming... and so do i


I try to write on my blog during Sunday's. It is a great day to write about what happened at past week, and for the upcoming week.

During last week I was lucky enough to encounter with a great font family called Beteckna, I found it while I was searching for futura alternatives at my ubuntu PC. But these alternative to me is even better than original futura. U can learn more from :

plus I googled a little bit about "Johan Mattsson" who is interestingly from Gothenburg just like Jonathan Berg.

I am really curious about that city, I hope someday I visit Gothenburg, or maybe even live there who knows...

For my application BilPass;

I did many pages for standart user experience. I don't hope much from this project, but it is worth trying these kind of stuff,

For the Game Development Part;

me and my partners, we set some bussiness goals, short term and long term. I want to hope that other people have enought time to spend on our games. I just want to hope that we are back on the road.

Time to talk about Alliance:

I was lucky enough to meet the new guyz(samuel "boxi" svahn, tommy "Taiga" Le) on their streams. I hope that they will rise as players. That will also bring fame to them.

I am really thankfull to Tommy for letting me in on his personal discord group. Observing them in their underdog state is really encourige me. Being together (sort of) with people who have hunger for victories, who have hunger for proving themselves to theirselves (verry nice english), really inspires me in my life too.

Now they ll go for DAC 2018 EU qualis. And we see Loda with them. I really admire him not because he is a great player, Because he is chasing his ideals. This guy is one of the most accomplished dota player, From time to time I read his early career interviews such as his interviews at SK gaming era. It is nice to see this man is still chasing his dreams, I read in a blog post in Akke's site where they were have to sleep in concrete floor and play for a tournament, nowadays player complain even when the food is bad at a hotel. At the old times Esports was nothing as today. Loda came from these periods and at this part of his carreer where most probably he has nothing to prove to himself, he is still trying to make Alliance great. ...What a man...

A final note is that; the idea of not accomplishing a final (somewhat working,stable) product after investing some serious time is really sucks, Every accomplishment in our lives are small victories. I do believe that past victories are great fuel for future works :).

Well well well


Well my school has started, and i need to focus on my course, the worst part is leaving all the uncompleted projects. I need to work hard. See u in some time. Also Alliance cmonBruh

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